How Kohl’s Customer Service Helped Me

Every shopper has encountered a situation where they have talked to a customer service representative, whether when you’re paying a bill online or if you are shopping at your favorite store. I have encountered many times where I have needed the help of a customer service representative and they haven’t been overly pleasant. With that being said, the Kohl’s customer service that I experienced was certainly something that I will appreciate for a long time. Below is a numbered list of all the ways that I was helped before, during, and after my last shopping trip.

  1. Welcomed into the Store

We all know what it’s like to have to spend time evading sales associates that are simply interested in making a sale. This isn’t what happens when you visit Kohl’s. Instead, you come into the store and the associates welcome you warmly, asking if you need to be directed to a particular area in the store. This is something that rarely happens, and if it does, the associate is usually miserable or uninterested in your needs. It surely does change the experience that you have while shopping.

  1. Directing Me to Products

This is a benefit that I experienced on two separate occasions: when I visited the store and when I was shopping online. I was looking for a pot and pan set and asked an associate where I could find it. They not only gave me verbal instructions, but they also walked me to where I would be able to browse through their selection. They then took their leave after ensuring that they helped me.

In terms of shopping online, you would normally assume that you wouldn’t be able to talk to a customer service agent about something as little as finding a particular product on the website. With that being said, Kohl’s gives customers a new shopping experience that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. If you cannot find a particular product on their website, you can easily chat with a customer service representative and they will direct you to the right part of the site. They will even give you tips on how you can use the website to search for products in the future.

  1. Taking Positive Reviews and Appreciating Them

It is well known that customer service representatives are used to getting yelled at by customers that are relatively unhappy with their service. Although I never had anything horrible to say about Kohl’s, they will allowed me to give my respects and tell them about the positive experiences that I have had in their store or online. Not only did they accept my praise, but they actually thanked me for it. You would expect that customer service agents see their jobs just as jobs that help them to get money. When in reality, the customer service reps that I have talked to appreciate their jobs whole-heartedly and they actually thanked me for my kind words. This can help a shopper to not only feel special, but to essentially feel rewarded.

  1. Having Patience

Another thing to take into consideration is that when you are dealing with sales representatives you never know whether they are working on commission or not. This could drastically affect the amount of time that you have with them and whether they have patience with you or not. I’m not sure as to whether they work on commission, as I have never asked, but every person that I have spoken to has had the utmost amount of patience and helped to walk me through the entire store to make sure that I found exactly what I needed. Patience is key, whether you are working for a retail store or if you are working for a multi-billion dollar credit card agency. This is something that your customers will appreciate and that will help to make the task easier.

  1. Resolving Issues

As previously mentioned, I haven’t had any issues with shopping at Kohl’s before, but I have had friends who have needed to contact customer service for assistance with issues that they have had after making a purchase. As an example, if the price that they paid for a product wasn’t the sale price or if they needed to return or exchange a product without a receipt. Depending on the policy of the company and the attentiveness of the representative, resolving issues with companies can be a relatively difficult venture. Since Kohl’s is aware of what their customers need and how to make them satisfied when they are leaving the store or logging off of their computers, all of my friends that have experienced issues had them resolved within a matter of minutes.

In fact, everyone has said that Kohl’s customer service reps go out of their way to make sure that your problem is resolved in a timely fashion.

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